Intelligent Devices



  • Touch screen(15 "), Lan card, router & speaker
  • Wifi router for onsite health video session
  • Thermal printer for printing quick reports
  • Video conferencing with experts
  • LED - Live Out side display for hygiene & Air quality
  • Computer with battery backup
  • Video Library - 3000 videos for mobile viewing
  • Lifestyle interactive sessions

Patient Benefits

  • Quick comprehensive health reports which includes patient's BP ECG,Glucose, Heart rate and blood oxygen, spirometry, Urine analysis, skin and ENT analysis ,etc
  • All the above will be provided free of cost for the patients
  • Analyses individual lifestyle and makes predictions and suggestions on how to maintain normal health without any medicines
  • Readings and disease summary can be sent directly to the doctor
  • Informative personalized health videos depending on the patient's health


Complete Healthcare Solution

DoctorSpot HUB is a customizable platform that enables full body health checkup anytime anywhere,Genome based intelligent disease identification and 24/7 healthcare assistance.