What are we doing?

DoctorSpot in association with various national governments is introducing a Covid-19 test kit. This AI+IOT project collects data from the mobile app, IOT sensors and online website input and this data is processed by various data science algorithms to give an instant diagnosis. Artificial intelligence is the core of this project, from basic diagnosis through the mobile app to giving a report on all the major organs. To increase the accuracy of the diagnosis each organ's reports are compiled from many artificial intelligence sources.

The Corona virus diagnose project involves the following,
  Web + Mobile App + AI + Blood Strip + Medical device

1.Website -
A huge repository of data from Corona virus cases from verified sources, sensors, user inputs and through automated data capturing are presented to the users in an easily navigatable and organized format. Updated content from verified sources are organized into news, articles, white papers, scientific journals and more.

2.Mobile Application.
A personal health application to record all your symptoms and determine the chance of being infected by the corona virus. Daily updates on the global progression of the virus as well as advice and tips on how to prevent infection are also provided.

3.AI - Artificial Intelligence for corona
A suite of several AI applications work together to precisely pinpoint corona infections.

4.COVID-19 Test Kit
Covid-19 test kit is used to determine whether the user is infected with the virus. This can be done at home by the user and the result is provided within a shorter time period.
5.Medical device
A medical hub of integrated devices to check body vitals such as temperature, blood oxygen content & other organ's conditions.