Artificial Intelligence

Pregnancy Risk Assessment Tool

Details of the mother's first checkup done within 12 weeks is processed using artificial intelligence and possible complications during pregnancy are predicted using machine learning algorithms. All this can be done without requiring expert input due to our advanced AI system coupled with our integrated health monitoring hub, AutoDoc. Our predictions are communicated to the relevant health care professionals.

Renal Disease Prediction and Management

A major problem faced while treating chronic kidney disease (CKD) is that the clinical criteria for recognition are markers of established kidney damage or impaired function; treatment before such damage manifests is more ideal. Our AI based technology can prevent permanent kidney injury by identifying patients with incipient chronic kidney disease and those at high risk of developing CKD without having to wait for the disease to develop.

Diabetes Prediction and Management

Diabetic care includes diagnosis, prediction of glucose levels, retinopathy detection and suggestions to overcome risks of diabetes using machine learning algorithms. We also make diabetes affected patients lives easier through our AI assistant providing personalized health plans. This includes medication reminders, regular blood glucose level checking and more.

Hepatic Care

Identifying liver diseases in the early stages is a challenging task. We provide an AI assistant for early diagnosis of liver diseases with efficient machine learning algorithms applied on different data collected from patients. Thereby the risk of chronic liver diseases can be reduced effectively through early diagnosis. Suggestions to prevent liver diseases are also provided to users.

Community Care

Our AI assistant provides early diagnosis and prediction of diseases in different communities. Causes are identified based on factors such as lifestyle, environmental factors, etc. The proper steps to be taken to prevent spread of disease are formulated and communicated to the people.